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LRS & Arctic Wolf: The Power of Humans in Cyber Security
The Power of Humans in Cyber Security -

Arctic Wolf and LRS will discuss how HUMANS are the first and last line of defense in Cyber Security. We will be discussing their SPiDR’s (Security Posture in Depth Reviews) and how they change the game with our customers and how they help customers on their overall SECURITY JOURNEY! In addition, we will discuss how Arctic Wolf’s SOC provides 24x7 monitoring and triage of all security alerts and events to ease your burden and help you sleep at night. Finally, we will also discuss WHY “Humans” are important for Zero Day Exploit detection and resolution.


With more than 25 years of experience, LRS delivers core technologies to companies throughout the United States with the latest technology developments and solutions . LRS Security Solutions partners with industry-leaders , like Arctic Wolf, to offer our clients key solutions to help close critical vulnerabilities and manage cyber threats in your business. We can assess your level of risk, help you design and implement a complete security solution, and even provide 24/7 security monitoring and alerting to keep you safe.

LRS Security Solutions is dedicated to keeping your data and systems secure and working alongside you to design a security strategy for your business needs.

LRS is proud to have been repeatedly named to CRN’s Tech Elite 250 and CRN’s Solution Provider 500 as well as named a Top Security Assessment Consulting/Service Company.


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